Eric Shiels

Full-Stack Web Developer.

The Importance of setState() in React

I recently completed my React/Redux portfolio project assessment, and during that assessment, I was asked about the importance of setState(). I wasn’t sure why setState() is so important, and so I am writing this piece to explain it.

Developing My React Project

I just finished development of my React/Redux project. I started working on it on March 19th and today is April 25th, so it definitely took a while. This project was very challenging, but also very rewarding.

Solutions I Found While Developing My Rails/jQuery Project

I have now finished development of my Rails with jQuery project. Here’s what I found.

Solutions I Found While I Developed My Rails Portfolio Project

My Rails Portfolio project is called Appointments. You can check out the GitHub repository here.

Developing My Sinatra Portfolio Project

I just finished development of my Sinatra Portfolio Project. It is called Program Tracker and it is designed to allow you to manually track programs on your computer. I’ve been trying to make portfolio projects that I would actually use, or that solve a problem that I have. I’ve had to reset my computers in the past due to hardware failures, and one thing that can be hard to track and port over after the reset is all of the programs on your machine. This would allow you to track your programs and a link to where you got the program so that if you need to reset your PC, you can download the programs you had before. In this post, I’m going to go through the steps I went through when developing my website and provide some advice for those who will be working on this project in the future.