Tech Odyssey

My journey to becoming a full-stack web developer.

Eager Loading ActiveRecord Associations

There is a problem within Object Relational Mapping (ORMs) known as SELECT N+1 (or simply as the N+1 problem). It can have a major effect of performance and is related to loading the children of a parent-child relationship.

Developing My Ruby CLI Data Gem

I recently finished development on my Ruby CLI Data Gem project. I decided to develop a gem that would access the fantasy football rankings and data found at You can check out the source code here.

Default Ruby Gems

Ruby comes with a set of 23 gems bundled with it (as of version 2.5.1). I decided that it would be a good idea to learn what they all do since they are all available by default in any Ruby project. In this post, I will describe what they all do, as well as provide links to each of their pages.

Useful (and Interesting) Array Methods

I recently decided to read through the documentation for the Ruby Array class. The Ruby documentation lists 98 instance methods, so here, I’ll discuss some of the most interesting and unique ones. You can check out the official documentation here.

My Journey to Development

My development journey started in early 2017, when I took a course on developing SQL databases through Coursera. It was then that I discovered the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing an online course. I have since completed dozens of online courses that range greatly in applicability to my chosen field. Many are totally unrelated to pretty much anything I will ever do professionally, such as the security courses I took with the United Nations, or the course in bear identification.